Pass/Fail: I’m Taking the Page 69 Test Today

The Pink Olivetti
I hear novel pages quaking in fear

So, I’m late to the game on the whole Page 69 Test phenomenon, but I’ve been writing.

Attributed to author Marshall McLuhan (and also known as the McLuhan Test), an individual reads Page 69 of any work of prose to decide if he or she is even interested in the book.

Well, then. It’s time to find out how the Dome Trilogy fares on the Page 69 Test.

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Social Medea’s Golden Fleece

No, it’s not a misspelling. I refer to the legend of Jason and the murderous Mrs. he married. She was from a land known for its royal purple dyes: Colchis. An enchantress and princess, she gave up everything–title, family, country–for love. The endings vary, yet none are happy.

Someone always dies horribly however Medea’s tale ends.

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Traversing the Social Media Wilderness: Will Tears Short Out My Keyboard?

twitter_512pxOh, wow. My brain is wiped out after a morning on Twitter. I also hopped onto my NaNoWriMo and did a little (very little) socializing there, too. I have some great writing buddies this year, hoping for more. It’s hard being social. However, I know that being social is the headwaters for the river of creativity that leads to the ocean of publishing.

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Birthdays and Backgrounds

When I write, I tend to simply let a story flow.

This means a lot more editing after-the-fact. One of the difficulties is that I will drop a character into a story without any character background. So, I have work to do establishing character backgrounds. Lots of people are organized enough to set up backgrounds for characters beforehand. I wish I could write that way.

On the upside, there are date generators out there, and I have gotten into the habit of tagging dates while I write scenes, so I know when events occur during the first draft of the book. It helps me set my fictional locations into the real world. So, my first project over the next week or so is to list the cast of characters in the books I’ve already written.