On a Series’s Note: Life in Marginalia

Well, I am still working on Man and Brother, which does not appear to be coming out this year. I’d like to explain the delay, especially since I’ve been working on it over the past year and have just not had it come together as quickly as the previous book.

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A Monstrous Infatuation: Is it Paranormal Romance or Science Fiction?

CryptidSeriesHummingbirdBreatheFireI have a painful confession, one that may get me deservedly mauled by a cryptid: I am a genre snob.

Recently, my husband told me that my new series is paranormal science fiction romance. Had I a fireball handy, I would have singed his darling wavy locks in a fit of pique. I haughtily conceded I perhaps wrote paranormal science fiction and fantasy. He said (in his charmingly calm tone with his genial smile, which got my inner pyrokinetic desperate to flick my inner Bic) that it was not fantasy. It was paranormal; it was science fiction; and it was definitely romance.

He’s right. The Cryptid Series is covered by the paranormal romance genre umbrella, but I am learning this is good–not bad.

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Writer’s, uh . . . What’s It Called, Again?

Suitable for coffee, tea, and tears. Click the pic if it’s a must-have . . .

I have written and rewritten the start of this entry a half-dozen times, and I still have no idea how to express my frustration eloquently. So, here it is expressed clearly:



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Learning Curve: Social Media and the Passionate Artist

Be like bluebird, Jess.

Oh boy. I should have just worked on my NaNoWriMo book instead of hopping on Twitter yesterday. I embarrassed myself in front of someone I respect. The only upside I can see is that this person called me out on it and gave me an opportunity to learn.

So, I’m learning. I feel really tense about wanting to delete those tweets, if I even could delete them. I don’t think I will, because I need to learn from what I did. I definitely need to learn from what was tweeted to me about my bad attitude in certain situations. This person hasn’t unfollowed me yet, so I have an opportunity to show I am trying to learn to be a useful contributor to the Twitter community.

I have the chance to show I’m learning how to traverse social media gracefully and graciously.

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Unbelief, Disbelief, No Relief

kidbookcoverAfter the build-up of excitement that maybe I’ve finally done the time and have earned the solution, I find out that I wanted something too much and believed in it too hard. Doubt is not my problem; unerring faith is. I touch on an idea, I grab hold of it, I listen to people tell me it works, I have a few positive subjective experiences, and I run with it all the way from hope to sacrosanctity. Of course it’s going to be knocked off the pedestal. It should be knocked off the pedestal.

I’m just getting tired of asking myself, “What do I believe?” and having to reply, “I don’t know.”

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News on Solaray Dawn and the Cryptid Series

Solaray Dawn
Solaray Dawn

I completed the clean-up of Solaray Dawn, and it seems to hold together. It looks like I am on-track for an October release. I’m just waiting on hard copies of the final product to release the bound book into print.

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