The Writing Life: On the Brink of Inspiration

The world needs your novel this year, too.

It’s strange to consider that my writing life really only took off when I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I had written novels and short stories, but the mad dash I made toward 50,000 words over the days and nights of a chilly and rainy November began my career as a published author.

It’s amazing to think that thirteen years ago this month, I took the first steps that would change my life completely.

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Progress Bar: It’s A Mad, Mad, Cryptid World!

'Til Undeath Do Us Part
Still on Track for Early 2015!

Wow, November is waning fast. I’m a bit overwhelmed by what transpired since November 2013. The Dome Trilogy is done; I even put up excerpts on the web page. NaNoWriMo 2014 is nearly over; I somehow wrote an entire book during that time. Thanksgiving Day is done; my failed homemade fan-tan rolls were replaced by gorgeous homemade French rolls last-minute. Black Friday has come and gone; I took a hike instead of participated in the free-for-all consumer frenzy.

I’m worn out mentally and physically and emotionally (and possibly spiritually), yet I want to pick up The Cryptid Series and return to work on it.

However, I have a tall hurdle before me.

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Anarchy and Pink Typewriters: 10 Rules for Rebellious Writers

The Pink Olivetti
Hello, Daddy! Hello, Mom! I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

When I finished National Novel Writing Month this year, I completed a novel. Its manuscript weighs in just under 85,000 words. It is ready for a clean-up and a potential run for the slush pile. I’ve done this for twelve years.

After I finished this particular novel, I was awestruck by what had happened to me. Only blank pages existed a month ago; now, an entire new book exists. I re-read page after page after I reached the end, stunned that a story formed from nothing.

It’s readable, too, even with my marks and notes.

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Fly, My Pretties! 7 Lovely Things You May Not Know About Me

Caution: 7 Lovely Revelations at Work!

Okay, so, uh, I got tagged by author Jane Bled on Twitter after she was part of JMD Reid’s 7 Lovely Things blog entry after he was part of Paige Randall’s 7 Lovely Things blog entry. All of these folks are on Twitter and are great folks to follow: @janebled, @JMDReid, and @ThePaigeRandall.



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#WednesdayWritingWIP, Anyone?

Attribution: Belcastro Agency

So, I’m inspired by #MondayBlogs and a great author lady named Christa and the whole National Novel Writing Month phenomenon this year. Yes, yes. Seasoned NaNoNovelists will say it was a phenomenon before, but this year I can barely upload word count without the site crashing. That’s an internet phenomenon.


My hope is to evolve this into a weekly works-in-progress blog-linked update for anyone in the writing industry to share what they’re working on at the moment.

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Heartbreak and Hope

The Pink Olivetti

Quite a weekend, indeed.

National Novel Writing Month began with a bang for many wonderful people yet with a whimper for me. All Saturday, uploaded word counts were bringing the website to a crawl and sometimes a grinding halt. I never saw an Error 404 page on the website before. I did twice this weekend. It’s exciting to see so many people inspired and thrilled about writing a novel. Fingers fly over computer keyboards, faces are lit up as words become sentences and sentences become scenes of joy, pain, whimsy, adventure . . . November has arrived, and an army of wordsmiths charges forward up that hill and onward to victory.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the weekend puttering. Not just puttering, no. Puttering relentlessly and Tweeting obsessively.

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