On a Series’s Note: Life in Marginalia

Well, I am still working on Man and Brother, which does not appear to be coming out this year. I’d like to explain the delay, especially since I’ve been working on it over the past year and have just not had it come together as quickly as the previous book.

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#PitMad Rule Number One

PitMadSlagOff06I have not yet participated in #PitMad, despite seeing two intense sessions of book pitches pass through my Twitter time line. It’s hard not to favorite some of my Twitter friends’ pitches, but I know it would be cruel to do so. A favorite on a #PitMad book pitch means an agent wants to discuss the submission of my friend’s manuscript. So, I wait silently.

While I have thirty completed manuscripts set in a fictional beach-side town on the California coast ready to be printed out, comb-bound, and sent to an agent or a publisher, I have committed my time and effort to the Cryptid Series. My Mission Point novels are ready to be worked over and polished; I just have no time for them. To pitch them on #PitMad would waste an agent’s time, would waste a publisher’s time, and would possibly take an opportunity from an aspiring author on Twitter–maybe even from one of my friends.

This journal entry today, however, is not about whether I participate or plan to participate in #PitMad. This is about a tweet which smacked me aware that I have apologizing to do.

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#WednesdayWritingWIP, Anyone?

Attribution: Belcastro Agency

So, I’m inspired by #MondayBlogs and a great author lady named Christa and the whole National Novel Writing Month phenomenon this year. Yes, yes. Seasoned NaNoNovelists will say it was a phenomenon before, but this year I can barely upload word count without the site crashing. That’s an internet phenomenon.


My hope is to evolve this into a weekly works-in-progress blog-linked update for anyone in the writing industry to share what they’re working on at the moment.

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The Continuing Sto-o-o-ory of a Quack Who’s Gone to the Sims

I’m of that age, yes, when the Muppet Show was on broadcast television. I’m also of the age when The Sims first came out. My first Sim experience was a disaster, a sad and lonely little digital guy who tended to sit in his bathtub and cry because he had no friends. Moving on.
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The Continuing Saga of a Small Town in Soap Opera Crisis

I found space to shoehorn yet another heroine into the drama-rich landscape, which is what I’ve been doing between my last post and this current one. I’m frustrated by multiple things. The story works in terms of drama, but I am frustrated. I drafted this story, which works until the main character and the romantic interest get to the resolution. It’s not so bad, actually, but it was hard not to simply go with the overdramatic silliness. I even almost tossed in the surprise pregnancy card, which leads to a shotgun wedding and a “twoo wuv” finale.
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