Solaray Dawn: If You Publish, Will They Come?

Solaray Dawn
Solaray Dawn

So, Solaray Dawn is currently available to read, published in both paperback print and PDF ebook. It will take a few weeks for it to show up through the big distributors, but it’s available from the publisher’s site. So, there you go, Guy in Kentucky. I got ‘er out before Halloween, like I said I would.

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Writer’s Blech: I Asked For a Plot for NaNoWriMo, and All I Got Is Nuthin’!

Participant-2014-Twitter-ProfileI wish I had writer’s block. That would mean I want to write, that I crave to smear graphite or splatter ink all over some unsuspecting blank paper. No, this is worse. Crueler. More sinister. A familiar foe, yes, but rarely seen in the days leading up to my favorite autumnal activity.

I have . . . writer’s blech.

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Ending Beginnings and Beginning Endings: Saturday was a Page-Turner

Is it just me, or does it happen to others that some days everything hits all at once after the nail-biting waiting games? Yesterday, Saturday, a handful of print copies of Solaray Dawn arrived in my hands. Happily, the scrambled pages are in order (first thing I checked), and it’s now up to me to grind through that third book to release it before Halloween ends for The Guy in Kentucky. To add to the bon voyage book party, I got the first typewritten draft of the Cryptid Series, ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part, completed at about ten at night. Continue reading “Ending Beginnings and Beginning Endings: Saturday was a Page-Turner”

Pink Pages and The Cryptozookeeper

The Pink Olivetti
It’s a Writer’s Life.

As I near the end of typing out the first book in the Cryptid Series, the pink pages are piling up. It’s looking good, too, as an introduction to the entire series. After I finish NaNoWriMo in November, ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part is going to get a rewrite onto digital and probably be handed out to a few select people to critique. After spending eleven years trying to perfect the Dome Trilogy, I’ve learned that perfection is unattainable as an indie author. However, my goal this time is not an epic series but digital pulp fiction. Continue reading “Pink Pages and The Cryptozookeeper”

News on Solaray Dawn and the Cryptid Series

Solaray Dawn
Solaray Dawn

I completed the clean-up of Solaray Dawn, and it seems to hold together. It looks like I am on-track for an October release. I’m just waiting on hard copies of the final product to release the bound book into print.

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To A Guy in Kentucky, I’m Mrs. Unlucky . . .

Dear Guy in Kentucky,

Welp, the third book in the Dome Trilogy is sitting right next to me. It has quite a few little plastic sticky flags poking out of from between its pages, like some modern art rendition of a porcupine. However, they’re minor errors (typos, forgotten letters) with only one big error–four pages formatted like a Choose Your Own Adventure book (183 to 186 to 184 to 185 to 187 … but the numbering on the actual pages is in order. Burr… what?). Continue reading “To A Guy in Kentucky, I’m Mrs. Unlucky . . .”