Am I not a Writer? And a Storyteller?

October 6, 2016. October 6, 2o16. October 6, 2016.

That date is spinning around my head as I look back over the past eighteen months. Man and Brother (working title: His Brother’s Keeper). That very first draft I did for National Novel Writing Month 2012 is so far from what’s being released in a week.

Mind you, this is a year and 5 days after I intended to release it, so this moment is bittersweet.

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Author Update: I Got the Man and Brother Blues . . .

I have calluses on my fingertips. From writing, yes. From redrafting outlines and series continuity notes on the Cryptid Series, yes. So those of you who want me to suffer because Man and Brother isn’t out yet? I am.

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Novel Update: Man and Brother

Man and BrotherI’d like to write “I’m finished!” as my current novel update for Book 2 of the Cryptid Series (Man and Brother). I’m not, and I have a lot of work to go to complete the redraft of Man and Brother.

So I decided to offer up a comprehensive novel update explaining why I didn’t get Man and Brother out in October as I had originally planned. I’ve talked about it here-and-there, on Twitter to some and in person to others.

So without further ado, I present the reasons that Man and Brother was not released with the crop of amazing indie offerings in October.

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Is it Time to Let Go of my WIP?

TunisPressAn Unpleasant Decision

I’m in an unpleasant situation currently with my manuscript for Man and Brother: Volume 2 of the Cryptid Series. On one hand, I really need to work on it to see a release date in the next six months. On the other hand, I’ve lost the energy to produce content to edit. So, I have a decision to make: Do I force myself to complete what I know will be an inferior product, or do I step back completely and return to reading and reviewing the books I have in my ever-increasing reading queue?

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A Cast of Thousands

Dierer WoodcutWhen writing a story, a balance must be struck between populating the world and creating a riot.

I am always happy when I can fold multiple characters into a single yet complex character. It’s like folding the evil twin into the good twin and getting a believable individual. It’s a gift from the writing gods, and readers don’t have to be frustrated with yet another character crowding the already-crowded stage.

This time, I changed a character too much between books and without reason. A complaint was raised by my primary beta reader. Of course, this means a new character has to step in and take on the misfit role.

So, again I appear to face delays in the march toward publication.

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On a Series’s Note: Life in Marginalia

Well, I am still working on Man and Brother, which does not appear to be coming out this year. I’d like to explain the delay, especially since I’ve been working on it over the past year and have just not had it come together as quickly as the previous book.

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Please excuse the dust!

Turbulence dogWe’re doing some major site overhauls here at Indie Imprint. We’ve expanded our service offerings, updated our site, and dramatically modified our layouts.

We are now better able to scale and handle the needs of you, the creative folks who inspire us to do what we do.

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