Tink, tink, tink . . . [FEEDBACK NOISE]

So what have I been doing that I am not updating?

Uh, well . . .  traveling, mostly. I’m scouting locations for the third book in the Cryptid Series and am being inspired for later book location settings.

I’ve also added editor to my résumé.  I have worked on a few indie books, I’m mentoring a novice writer, and I’m trying to keep moving forward.

I Tweet. I spent a good amount of time boosting authors and have even gotten some mentorship in. I’d Facebook, but the EULA says they’d own anything I write on there. I don’t want them having more information than they need off me because of me.

So that’s about it. If you’re reading this, and you have a question, then by all means ask it. I’d love to talk with you about reading, writing, editing . . . whatever.

I Was Pining for the Fjords, so I Chose a 50%-off Sale on SmashWords Instead

50% Off Through July

So there’s a July Summer/Winter Sale with Specials for July 1–31 on SmashWords. (Happy Winter to all of you in Australia and New Zealand, by the way.)

Aaaand, I am participating, so throughout July, it’s 50% off of the five titles I’ve written so far. Also, a big thank you to the many science fiction readers for setting the Cryptid Series at #2 and #3 on this particular bestseller Science Fiction list.

So, a little in-the-mirror Q & A, since I know I appear to have long fallen off my perch, and it looked suspiciously like I’d been nailed to it:

Have I been writing at all?

Yes. Just unpublishable escapist tripe, but even tripe has its uses. Menudo, for example. So I have scenes and characters to either be gleaned or to be burned up to keep me warm should the need arise.

Do I plan to publish again or quit writing altogether?

I plan to publish again after a hefty hiatus following a serious reassessment of the direction I had initially planned to take the Cryptid Series.

So the Cryptid Series will be returning. I have to redraft three and four to fit in with what should be an excellent direction to go with it. The novels should be closer in length to ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part (ie. fast, light, entertaining), and I hope to get back to that feel from the first book–despite the intensity of Man and Brother and how it ended.

I also have a futuristic novel idea which I’ll be working as a single-shot story. However, I’m a sucker for series writing.

So what happened to make me disappear from social media?


And the books are really 50% off?



A Labor of Love: Writing Help From an Awesome Indie Author

It’s really no secret that I’m a fan of Adam Dreece‘s work. So, I’d like to offer anyone who slips through here this Valentine’s Day (or any other, to be frank) a gentle nudge to make Adam Dreece’s blog part of one’s writer’s arsenal (and his books part of one’s ebook or paperback library).

So, I’ve been griping about burnout, which is a bit more intense than basic writer’s block. It’s the equivalent of my muse telling me that we need to see other people for now before it moved out. But I definitely think that when my muse returns (albeit petulantly, I expect), I’ll be appeasing my muse with some of Adam’s advice from his most recent web journal entry: Getting Unstuck (for authors).

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and to your muses–present or on a break.

And as a long-distance dedication to my own muse, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance–because my muse was perfectly happy to let me write over 30 of them in 10 years without burning out:

The Art of Traveling to Another World

Have I lost the ability to unlock my worlds and open them to readers?

Despite being tired today, I’ve realized that I’ve lost something profound which may play a part in the tepid reception of Man and Brother: I wasn’t transported fully into this book when I drafted it.

That . . . is not good news.

Not good news at all for the future of my noveling career.

Not good news for a person who spent her childhood traveling somewhere or another through the power of books.

Not good news at all.

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Oh, Reality . . . You’re a Bitch, Aren’t’cha?

Where to start. Ugh. Where to start, indeed.

Well, I have fluffed an idea which appears to be taking over for the previous intended book in the Cryptid Series. Its working title is The God Trip. It has potential, and I think I can use as a theme the Urban Dictionary definition. There’s one problem:

The fire to even get a manuscript started is gone.

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