Please excuse the dust!

Turbulence dogWe’re doing some major site overhauls here at Indie Imprint. We’ve expanded our service offerings, updated our site, and dramatically modified our layouts.

We are now better able to scale and handle the needs of you, the creative folks who inspire us to do what we do.

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Man and Brother — Cryptid Series Book Two has a Cover and a Title

Man and Brother
‘Man and Brother’ is now the official title

Well, it is done!

After years of using His Brother’s Keeper as the working title for the second book in the Cryptid Series, the official title is now set in, uh, electrons? Man and Brother is the official title for Volume Two of the Cryptid Series.

The cover for the Kindle Paperwhite and eBook Cover (signed by me!) Giveaway is here and looks pretty darned good. So, I’ll wait until I know the winner, just in case it needs to be personalized. The contest ends on March 8, so get your pre-orders of ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part in and tweet them to me (@Jess_Alter), Indie Imprint (@IndieImprint) or both of us!

#MondayBlogs Round Up (02 March 2015)

Welcome to March #MondayBlogs Madness!

Participating in MondayBlogs is a great way to get a snapshot not only of what happens to all of us but what happens to each of us. Personal journeys and public discussions abound; great thoughts and insights and advice sit behind an unassuming little hash mark.

If you want to learn all about MondayBlogs, then please read this informative web article:

“What Is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate?”

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So, What Do You Want to Know? (Part Five)


Adventure Writer
The trail was arduous yet worth traveling.

We’ve reached the final installment of my five-part practice interview. I have to say, it has been revealing to me, as well. I learned to express my ideas a bit better, and I have talking points I can take with me on future author interviews. I have more personal clarity about the Cryptid Series, which I can turn to while I write subsequent books in the series.

And I can explain better and more about why I write and what I write.

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So, What Do You Want to Know? (Part Four)

Dirt BettyAnother day of practice interview and I am relieved.

This is the fourth of five sets of author interview questions compiled by Elisabeth Barette and sorted by me.

I enjoy writing, adventuring, observing. Interviews . . . I don’t know what to say for myself. On the whole, I don’t consider myself a particularly interesting person.

Oh, I care about people. I enjoy talking to people. I even enjoy talking about writing with people. I believe, now, I could do a book signing if only to meet and greet people.

Interviews to promote myself, my books . . . they are difficult. What I’ve done and seen eases smoothly into the realm of fiction for me. Traveling the nebulous space between fact and fiction is akin to picking my way over a stony and narrow path along a cliff face, only to find glyphs I cannot comprehend etched in rock at the top.

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So, What Do You Want to Know? (Part Three)

Part three of the practice author interview.

writinghumourI have a real author interview lined up, one which I must work on over the weekend. Oh, real interviews are hard: What if I say the exact wrong thing to make people hate me? I think that might be worse than people ignoring me. Well, worse to my psyche. I have no idea what generating negative publicity will do for the books that I’ve published.

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