I Was Pining for the Fjords, so I Chose a 50%-off Sale on SmashWords Instead

50% Off Through July

So there’s a July Summer/Winter Sale with Specials for July 1–31 on SmashWords. (Happy Winter to all of you in Australia and New Zealand, by the way.)

Aaaand, I am participating, so throughout July, it’s 50% off of the five titles I’ve written so far. Also, a big thank you to the many science fiction readers for setting the Cryptid Series at #2 and #3 on this particular bestseller Science Fiction list.

So, a little in-the-mirror Q & A, since I know I appear to have long fallen off my perch, and it looked suspiciously like I’d been nailed to it:

Have I been writing at all?

Yes. Just unpublishable escapist tripe, but even tripe has its uses. Menudo, for example. So I have scenes and characters to either be gleaned or to be burned up to keep me warm should the need arise.

Do I plan to publish again or quit writing altogether?

I plan to publish again after a hefty hiatus following a serious reassessment of the direction I had initially planned to take the Cryptid Series.

So the Cryptid Series will be returning. I have to redraft three and four to fit in with what should be an excellent direction to go with it. The novels should be closer in length to ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part (ie. fast, light, entertaining), and I hope to get back to that feel from the first book–despite the intensity of Man and Brother and how it ended.

I also have a futuristic novel idea which I’ll be working as a single-shot story. However, I’m a sucker for series writing.

So what happened to make me disappear from social media?


And the books are really 50% off?



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