The Deafening Silence Broken

So I have been wondering recently if I should just let go of writing altogether these past few weeks. Man and Brother had no response whatsoever (though Tigner had).

Then this week, a B&N review showed up, and today, a reader tweeted about Man and Brother.

That these readers were moved by the novel–well, their responses moved me. This manuscript had ground me down into paper dust and dried ink and made me wonder if I’d edited out the emotional depth that I felt when I drafted it initially. This acknowledgment that I didn’t absolutely screw up was a gift of kindness from those readers.

BugsBunnyinTearsI am weary today. I cried (ugly, of course) over the tweet. I’m still a little dazed about it, wondering if this is the start or the end and being grateful that it happened at all.

However, I think I’ll not worry about choosing to quit or to continue my writing career for a few days. The deafening silence was broken, and that makes today a very good day for this author.

4 thoughts on “The Deafening Silence Broken”

  1. I just finished Man and Brother yesterday. As in started it yesterday morning and put off everything I should have been doing until I finished it. Ended up here when I was googling looking for news of when the 3rd book might be out. Please don’t give up on this series, there are too many untied ends! I NEED to know if Rhian comes back, or if there ever turns out to be any little Joeys. Plus Alain needs his comeuppance, and so much more! Thank you for these two great books!


    1. Thank you very much for your wonderful words on Man and Brother (and ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part)! As an author, hearing a reader dropped everything for one’s book is the greatest compliment one can receive. I am both grateful and appreciative, and I will work to get that third book ready for you.

      So yes. The third book is in development, though I don’t have a firm date on its release. I am delighted you shared what you’d like to see resolved in upcoming books; I will definitely make sure those questions get answered for you, Misty.

      Happy reading!


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