What Happened to Author Adam Dreece Can Happen to You, Indie Author.

I am shocked. Absolutely shocked.

Amazon.com – A Vengeful, Simplistic God?

While I’ve been decompressing after a severe bout of IABOS (coined by indie author, C. A. Hocking) after the publication of Man and Brother, wretched things have been afoot for independent author Adam Dreece.

For those who don’t know, Adam is one of my indie author heroes. (Okay, yes. He’s superheroic to me, and I am humbled by his creativity and dedication.) His Yellow Hoods series is extraordinary techno-fantasy fiction; his Wizard Killer series, a thrill ride. Adam is a powerhouse of independent fiction, one of the hardest-working indie authors I know.

So when I found out about what happened to Adam, I was . . . well, I am still shocked. I am angry that a corporation can flick away a stellar indie author and his works with barely a huffy puff of wolfy breath. The publishing fortress walls, slick with slime, are already hard enough to scale for the independent author. While I accept that scammers are out there to fleece customers, 21st century literature gems are getting tossed out with the steaming drek.

We lose, fellow readers, when our independent authors are crushed between confidence artists and corporate apathy.

It’s not like the disappearing Amazon comments scandal of a few years back, either. This is far worse. It is hard enough to build a career as an indie author (marketer, publisher, editor, creator, spokesperson . . . the list of indie author duties goes on and on) without having an F-5 tornadic moment strike one’s indie writing career.

Yes. Fine. One can rebuild. That’s not the point, though.

Content creators make money for content providers.

In the internet age, the independent content creator is like an asteroid which mines itself then delivers the product straight to the corporation’s door to convert into pure profit. One would think that low-investment, high-yield might motivate a content provider to protect their moneymakers.

I suppose that’s the difference between novels and real life–novels have to make sense.

6 thoughts on “What Happened to Author Adam Dreece Can Happen to You, Indie Author.”

    1. Hey, I feel like I should do more. I’m just . . . really, really, really burnt out.

      But I did love Wizard Killer: Season One. I just have to get off my freaking toosh and review it. Non-rambling words, however, aren’t coming easily. I couldn’t even do NaNoWriMo ’16.


      1. I’m really relieved to say that as of 10 minutes or so ago (Jan 17 5pm MDT), that my books have reappeared on Amazon. It’s because of people like you posting about it, that this happened, Jess. Blogging and tweeting and helping fight.


      2. Huzzah! I am so happy that you’re back up on the ‘Zon. I hope if it happens again to someone else, we all can keep rallying until we’re taken seriously.

        Not sure what else to say–the emotions of relief and esprit for you run deep right now. *pops champagne*



    1. I was dazed and left afraid. Happily, the reading and writing community stepped up and Amazon took notice. Adam tweeted that they actually phoned him, and his books are back on Amazon’s store.


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