Randomnerdiness, This One’s for You

beavis-and-butthead-rockAm I . . . Cool?

So, I got the head’s up that Altered States got a mention at Hacker News. Very awesome. Indie as fsck, by the way. (Dunno what fsck is? Google it.) Much like in writing life, however, that post got lost in the daily grind of some pretty cool stuff.

The depressing truth, Randomnerdiness, is that we’re huddled around sites like Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because Facebook sold books until they sold out. Same with Twitter. That said, I have names of authors who probably would be happy to talk to you, if you’re willing to dust off your Twitter account and brave the bots that don’t buy books.

therapyafterthisShit, I was in a DM chat an hour ago with brave soldiers of the Indie front. It is brutal in the book market. Trying to get name recognition . . . that doesn’t always happen even for the folks who have shelf space at click-and-mortar chains. Indie authors are in the trenches the whole time, writing the next title while marketing the last one.

Burnout . . . well, C.A. Hocking got to the heart of it.

Stalk Much, Jess?

overlyattachedauthorgirlfriendI was planning on replying quickly on Hacker News, trying to explain that I felt relief when Man and Brother came out.

And as I sat there looking at the reply box, I realized there was no way to do it without appearing creepy-as-fsck.

So, about the relief factor . . . why didn’t I feel massive relief?

I did feel some. I actually cried when this manuscript was finally worth putting out into the world (I have a team of attack readers who gnaw my writing arm if they get bored while reading). Then, I got angry at myself because–while polishing–I had inserted rookie mistakes in the damned approved manuscript! I had to sweat that whole time, hoping the corrected version got disseminated before the book went live. It almost made me give up atheism. So, a little stress there.

The problem comes with not getting a moment to rest between release relief and marketing mania.

Even before the book is out, the author has to market it vigorously. We fight a bloody damned fight for every sale in the indie market. I admire the people who can make it happen by writing porn. I just am one of those people who would end up in a sex scene hall of shame. So . . . I’m out of that lucrative genre and am writing as a woman in science fiction.

*derisive snort* Because the first name people think of when they consider listing the top five sci-fi greats is a woman’s name, right?

Moving on.

team-rocket-finaleSo, there it is Randomnerdiness. I hope authors will respond to you. (Try the #amwriting and #writing hashtags on Twitter to start flushing authors out.) First timers are still shiny, happy people. They still believe. Look for authors who’ve hit a trifecta–three books published and marketed. Then ask them.

I would love to see your questions answered. I would love to know if I can feel the same relief I did with Beneath a Sunless Sky. I did feel it then, Randomnerdiness.

Then came the profound disappointment when the years of work I put into it went undiscovered.

So . . . to the courageous authors out there? Randomnerdiness has a damned good question. I think we hide our truths behind the veil of a semi-truthful Bestseller ad too often. And I’d like to know, too, as a fellow author:

I read this author’s works pretty frequently, but I noticed from her blog (and some others) that it seems like authors have a super high incidence of burnout.

Any other writers want to pitch in on that? I’d think you would feel massive relief when you launch a book


3 thoughts on “Randomnerdiness, This One’s for You”

  1. Perhaps we should coin a new term for it, Jess – Post Publishing Blues. PPB. Oh! I hear a song coming on…or a poem. Ron Shaw, are you listening? We require one poem about Post Publishing Blues please. I await another Ron Shaw masterpiece with anticipation. 😎


  2. C.A. Hocking, as a fellow sufferer of PPB, I’d be honored to offer a poem, demonstrating the pain we share PP. In fact, this poem exemplifies the futility that comes from birthing books as they wither at the fickle river of words known as Amazon.
    “Me” in this selection could be Jess, you, me, or any Indie author malingering, pretending, and meandering wordless due to the Category-5 pangs of PPB.
    I hope you enjoy this for which we dream in Solitude, Yearning, Longing for sales… Woe!

    thousands stare
    yet none see
    Solitude in numbers
    follows me
    ears wide open
    but none hear
    a lonely tear
    falls Yearning
    still unseen
    echoes in screams
    flow like milk
    barren breasts
    do not feed
    Longing me
    arms should hold
    folded they be
    lips to kiss
    not by thee
    ever for me
    if only one
    could hear
    would see
    a battered heart
    explodes inside
    woe is

    © 2016 Ron Shaw


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