Thoughts on the Eve of the Release of Cryptid Series Volume 2: Man and Brother

Man and BrotherMan and Brother‘s release is definitely not the thrill ride of a launch had by my prior Cryptid Series title: ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part.

It’s coming out tomorrow . . . not with a bang but with a whisper. I feel terrible, because this is a book worth extra marketing effort. It’s darker and longer than the first book, but it is that foundation novel establishing the directions that the three central characters from ‘Til Undeath will be taking in the series.

Circumstances are different.

I had the power of early 2015’s Twitter. While humans are still present there, I strongly believe a mass exodus occurred with their policy changes in early 2016. It’s a pity, because some amazing indie authors are still present and accessible to discuss life as a writer in the trenches. I don’t get why people would chase down a big-name writer just to have their tweets ignored like manuscripts in a slush pile, but I guess the hope that luck can rub off is still alive.

I’m exhausted right when I need to have energy. I barely have the energy to write this entry. I had ‘Til Undeath ready much earlier, so I had more lead-in time to get myself energized before the release. Perhaps it will be easier when the paperback is released mid-2017.

I also tossed out the cover and title too early, when I thought I would be releasing it 12 months ago. I think. Then days started bleeding together as I fought to get a workable draft to polish and publish. I regret not journaling the day-to-day struggles as a record–for my own benefit. This exhaustion was earned.

I hope that, in looking back in one or five years, this will be one of those times when the muse is kind.

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