Author Update: I Got the Man and Brother Blues . . .

I have calluses on my fingertips. From writing, yes. From redrafting outlines and series continuity notes on the Cryptid Series, yes. So those of you who want me to suffer because Man and Brother isn’t out yet? I am.

First, I have no internet where I live any more. Let’s just call the provider who dropped 31 states worth of us then jacked the prices right when they denied that there was a problem . . . Hundred-Year Connection. So, I have to borrow internet from other places. Creepy places. It makes me sad. Hundred-Year Connection made me very sad.

Second, I had to do major surgery on Man (Part 1 of Man and Brother). I ripped out the likable character who got a brain transplant and was made evil for convenience’s sake. Then, I inserted a character that owned the role. I had to change an entire chapter, but that chapter rewrite was on point and my beta readers flicked their swishy tails, made happy bubbles, and clapped their fins.

Yes, I know. The fish is a betta, not beta. It’s lame, which brings me to the next reason that Man and Brother hasn’t shown up at an online retailer near you or me or anyone.

Third, I have minor surgery to do on Brother (Part 2 of Man and Brother). There’s this one section that takes down good scenes that follow it. Yes, it does suck to write a handful of scenes so horrible that it makes the following not-horrible chapter stink by proximity.

I was wiped out by the Man edit and was ready to publish right then (with typos) just to get the darned thing out. So, I had to step back from Man and Brother just long enough to want to tweak the second book and avoid years of tearful regret. Then, life. Oh, did life ever. But that’s about as interesting as watching a vacation video by vegan crossfitters. Well, unless one is a vegan crossfitter. Then party on guys. I’ll be eating my bacon cheeseburger with green chile on a white bread bun in the corner and giving two thumbs up to the commitment while listening to Cake and Tenggar Cavalry.

And ABBA, because it’s funny.

So, the intent was to publish Man and Brother in June. I really meant to publish in June. But since I am now moving to a different city in June, that’s getting put on hold. And it means the notes and extras will be packed up for the move, lost for a month, and finally be unpacked at the new location last–even though I try to find them first.

So . . . I am asking the magical writing muse to pleasey-please-please help me get this out on October first. Yes, it is eighteen months after the first was released and twelve after I planned to release. Yes, I feel like a terrible heel and sometimes do stay up nights feeling guilty. I swear I am trying to put out something worth the long wait.

Thanks for being so patient. But of course you all are, because my readers are the best of the best of the best.



3 thoughts on “Author Update: I Got the Man and Brother Blues . . .”

    1. Hey Carole. I read your entry on Indie Author Burn Out Syndrome, and that was intense. What you have faced as an author . . . just wow. Inspiring, insightful, and intelligent.


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