#MondayBlogs Round Up (02 March 2015)

Welcome to March #MondayBlogs Madness!

Participating in MondayBlogs is a great way to get a snapshot not only of what happens to all of us but what happens to each of us. Personal journeys and public discussions abound; great thoughts and insights and advice sit behind an unassuming little hash mark.

If you want to learn all about MondayBlogs, then please read this informative web article:

“What Is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate?”


Enjoy these blogs as much as I did!


“Simonne’s Top Ten Tips for Happiness”

by Simonne Butler () for



Crochet by Michele

“Yay March!!!”

by Michele Costa () for




“Handle with Care”

by Lance Burson () for



TunisPress“Are You Ready to Publish Indie? (Part 1)”

by J.M. Levinton () for




“Location Location Location” [09 October 2013]

by L.Z. Marie () for



ButterflySemicolon“The Message of the Semicolon”

by Stephanie Neighbour () for




by Molly Hacker (c/o author Lisette Brodey ) for



WhatWordsDo“Word Rant”

by Caroline Lodge () for



“The Value of Authentic Feedback”

by Andrew Chapin () for



heartlollipopcookies“Do I Suck?”

by Karen Pilarski () for



“Laundering Lines: Converting Excess Exposition into Dialogue”

by Drew Chial () for



St George and the Dragon, Carpaggio“Thoughts on Mythic Structure: The Ordeal”

by Debbie Vega () for



“Being (Good) Enough”

by guest Sandra Nyamu () on S. Thompson’s () blog for



IamNotSpock“I Am Not Spock” [Video Blog]

by Lori Schafer () for



and my own MondayBlogs entry for 02 March 2015:


“So, What Do You Want to Know? (Part Five)”

by Jess Alter () for

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