Writing What I Know

I spent yesterday reading Book 19 of the Mission Point Series then spent today living.

I biked for the first time in a very long time, and I learned about myself as I did it. I have to change, adapt, and evolve in order to have a life well-lived. I have to enjoy living in the moment as I travel, and I have to accept that sometimes it takes looking backward to appreciate what I’ve been able to accomplish. Friction in fiction allows the story to arc, to keep moving forward. Lessons I gained in my life stay with me (I did not forget how to ride a bicycle), though newness can be experienced even as I journey using those lessons (I went places I had traveled by foot and bus and car yet never bicycled before). Point-of-view shifts are often as potent lessons as changes in physical location. I can rediscover what I take for granted simply by making how I experience life just slightly different than I have before.
To me, the well-lived life is defined by how one’s approach to the world changes over time. By experiencing life then acting upon that new information, a fictional being evolves from the aether of the mind and lands on the digital page–just like a real person evolves in the real world and can storytell their personal experiences. I suppose this is how I write what I know, even if I write about places which and people who only live between a title page and “The End”.
When my characters resist growth, I see how I resist my own growth. When characters rise to the challenges set before them, I see how I rise to the challenges set before me. This is the human experience, to me, whether or not I am personally living it.

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