The Story Never Remains the Same

I was thinking about Book 19 last night, how to segue the two books, and I got caught up in thinking about the story for 18. Oh, I’ve got oddities galore in this grand soap opera–complete with everything but the classic Soap Opera Coma. Catheters and feeding tubes are not sexy; hair and make-up are. Yes, I do have a series in the pipe which does include a soap opera coma, but it’s explained to the reader–who’s behind the wizard’s curtain with the main characters–despite defying explanation to outsiders. Moving on.

This story is dramatic, and it involves the kind of suspension of disbelief required for most soap opera stuff. I’m going to do a rewrite on some of the basics, since the character would be facing mortal peril for the rest of the series if I didn’t. Not a big deal, since this really is a series that has a daytime drama quality. However, I like to weave errant strings back into the story. The main plot points, especially the romance, will stay the same. I just want to make sure that I come up with something soap opera plausible for the denouement.
Then again, maybe I don’t really have to worry, since the whole Mission Point series is about wild rides. However I handle it, the story will be entertaining. I just want to resolve that question of mortal peril I set up before it gets dropped into public view.

2 thoughts on “The Story Never Remains the Same”

    1. Oh boy. I honestly am not sure. Hoping six months on the first three, but because I build backstory after the fact, the editing is the killer. I can knock out three to five books in a month, exhaust myself, and have to put it down. But the framework is there for both series. I am working on making it lighter as a series. Thanks for your comment!


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